The PTA appreciates and relies on the generous support of families in our school community.  We understand that occasionally circumstances result in a check written in support of a PTA program being returned.  Please be aware of the policy and the processes the PTA will follow in the event of a returned check (NSF).  

When Accepting Checks for PTA:

Make sure the check signer’s name, address, and phone number are on the check in case follow up is needed.

Be sure to record the check number on the receipt.

On Receiving Notice of Returned Check from our bank:

1. The Treasurer will notify the check writer of the returned check. The check writer must reply to make arrangements for payment of the returned check amount plus $15.00 for the fee the PTA is charged by the bank. 

2. Payment must be made in cash or by money order.  

3. Other checks from the same check writer cannot be accepted until the NSF is resolved.

Thank you for your consideration of our policies!